03 Jul

Hair Accessories For Work And Every Day

When you are on the hunt for a new look to take to work, take a moment to think about the different hair accessories that you can use. Even if you have relatively short hair, there are some lovely accessories that will still give you the interesting, lively and fresh look that you have been craving. What are some of the most fashionable options out there?

Fascinators are essentially thin rigid headbands that have a bit of decoration attached at one point. For example, you can choose fascinators that have a bit of discreet feathers bundled to Continue Reading »

15 May

Hair Tips For Beautiful, Shiny Hair

Everyone wants beautiful hair, regardless of haircut or their usual ‘do. But strong hair, soft to the touch, that catches the light and boasts the natural grace of flowing locks isn’t always easy to get. The trick to having great hair is to make sure you have healthy hair.

If you have permed, dye or straightened your hair frequently, it is likely your locks are dried out and stressed from the constant treatments. Dry hair can feel rough to the touch and breaks easily. Turning arid hair Continue Reading »

20 Mar

Hair Care Tips For Dry, Brittle Hair

Between the blow dryer and the winter weather, hair can get pretty dried out. But there are things you can do to get it back into shape.

Dry, brittle hair results when hair loses its natural oils. The way to fix it is to moisturize it. Get a good deep conditioner and apply it generously to your hair, rubbing it into your scalp as well. Wrap it in a towel and let it soak in for at least twenty minutes. If your hair is very damaged, you can actually let it sit in your hair overnight. Continue Reading »

26 Mar

The Key To Growing Long Beautiful Hair

Have you ever been sitting at home watching television when the inevitable cavalcade of commercials starts? Usually they all run the gamut from financing to Alarm Systems Columbus to even advice on loans or mortgages, but every once and a while you get a commercial talking about the next best hair care product. However, the truth of the matter is that you might not need to spend all that money on some hot new wonder cure – not when science has told us that the key to long beautiful hair could be dripping from your kitchen faucet.

Scientific studies have shown that when we get our average 64 ounces of water a day we not only look and feel healthier, but our hair benefits as well. Drinking lots of water actually helps promote not only hair growth but the health and quality of your hair as well. It’s because when you drink all that water, you are essentially filtering out all of those nasty toxins, greases and oils that can prove damaging to your hair and your scalp. When you drink water, you are essentially cleansing your body and that helps to stimulate hair growth and, most importantly, it’s not nearly as expensive as the stuff they sell on television.

10 Aug

Hair Care Tips For Pool Swimmers

Love swimming but hate the damaging effects chlorine has on your hair? Here are a couple hair care tips for pool swimmers to keep your tresses from doom.

When your hair shaft is dry, it’s easier for chlorine to penetrate and cause damage that can leave even the healthiest locks dry, frizzy, brittle and even green in some cases. By applying an inexpensive mixture of water and conditioner before diving in, you close up the porous shaft of the hair and add a Continue Reading »

07 Aug

Tattoo Care For People With New Tattoo’s

Getting a new tattoo is an exciting event. Many people get a tattoo without realizing that it is extremely important to take extra good care of your tattoo afterwards. An infection is sure to happen if you neglect your new tattoo. You can turn an amazing piece of art into an emergency room visit if you don’t take the time and give your new tattoo the attention it deserves.

Keep your tattoo covered. This means do not take the original bandage off for at least two hours after Continue Reading »

03 Aug

Safe Tanning For All Skin Types

Tanning is a way of making the skin darker using the sun. No matter what the skin tone, a beautiful, golden, tan makes the skin look vibrant and glowing. However, it is smart to tan safely. There is risk of developing skin cancer and also premature aging.

Most people tan by going out in the sun and laying out. The safest way to tan using this method is to make sure that the suntan lotion has some sunblock in it. Also, it is Continue Reading »

02 Aug

Skin Care Tips For Tanners With Fair Skin

One of the best things a fair-skinned tanner can do is to quench the skin in moisturizer after tanning. This helps skin from drying out, and allows tans to appear more even. It’s also important to use the correct tanning oil before tanning. This helps prevent burns. Another idea for fair-skinned tanners is to shave legs at least 24 hours before tanning. By doing this, the skin has had time to heal from any minor irritations Continue Reading »

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